the freak show


OKR 98.3 FM and at Wallan 97.1 FM

Mitchell Community Radio Inc.



The Freak Show is a weekly show – every Thursday from 8pm onwards on OKR 98.3 FM and in Wallan 97.1 FM.  OKR is an awesome community station and I’ve been involved for five years.

The Freak Show has gained some great recognition and appreciation in the community broadcasting community and it’s been an awesome platform for me to be able to take part in other community-based things and further develop my experience and interest in broadcasting and in the media.  I definitely want to pursue a career in broadcasting and many people have told me that community radio is the perfect place to prepare for that.  It’s a great way to learn all about all areas of broadcasting and exactly what’s required on a professional level and being involved at OKR FM is my way of showing my future teachers and employers that I’m dedicated and passionate about being a part of the industry.


And holy crap, have the opportunities been incredible!  I remember entering the OKR FM Young Presenter’s Quest in 2012 and I was announced joint winner and the prize was a decent voucher for the local surf and skate shop and I was like a kid in a candy shop.  I was off my face with excitement, not just because of the prize, but because I actually did it and it was a huge confidence boost at a time when I really needed it!  Since then, all sorts of awards and events have happened and nothing’s changed – I still get off my face with excitement.

Every single moment has been a highlight for me.  Winning the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Award for Outstanding Youth Contribution in November last year was insane.  Going over to Adelaide for the event and being surrounded by so many awesome people who all share my passion was something I’ll never forget.  Same deal with being announced Mitchell Shire’s Young Citizen of the year on Australia Day 2015.  I still don’t quite understand how these things happen to me but of course, I feel so proud and extremely blessed to be living my dreams like this and to have so many people in my world who have faith in me and love what I do.

But honestly, my most memorable and amazing moments have always involved meeting people who inspire me.  Words can’t describe the way I felt when I interviewed Kevin and Rhonda from BlazeAid.  I did that to coincide with my 100th Freak Show and there had also been bushfires that summer, which is why BlazeAid were active in the local area.  I can remember every single word of that interview and seriously, it was life changing for me.  Hearing about the kindness, selflessness, sacrifice and generosity of others is truly extraordinary and inspiring and I constantly want to be a better person who can hopefully make a difference in some way.

This is by far, the best bit about being involved at OKR FM.

I’d love to see more young people at the station and so there’s many ways the community can get involved.  Anybody interested in presenting can jump on the OKR FM website and check it all out.  The website has all the contact details and information.  We also have a facebook page which is always up-to-date with the latest information, events and lots of pictures of everything we get up to.

We always welcome new sponsors.  This is how the station is able to keep offering opportunities to local people like me!  There’s always equipment to purchase, expenses and training programs, not to mention upgrades for the station to reach a wider audience.  Support from local business and organisations is hugely appreciated and advertising packages are a great way to get your business message out there whilst supporting an amazing local community facility.

Community groups can also get involved and they’re always welcome to get on air with any of our presenters and talk about what is happening in the community.  We also love travelling and doing outdoor broadcasts to coincide with special events or sporting meets happening in the local communities of the Mitchell Shire and into the Macedon Ranges Shire.

The most important thing locals can do is make sure they get their radios on 98.3 FM and in Wallan 97.1 FM and get to know us all.  There’s also live streaming available on the website so there’s no excuse not to tune in.

So that’s the Freak Show story!  Go and follow the Freak Show facebook page right now!  It can’t hurt, right?

Audrey x