The Freak Show #159 – Back to school!

It’s been a while! At the start of the year, I was completely up-to-date and had this grand plan of keeping it that way!  Of course, that didn’t actually happen and here we are – APRIL ALREADY! So now it’s the mad dash to sort it all out.

My first show back for 2016 was right in time for the start of the school year and I was definitely excited to get back and get stuck into another year of mayhem! I knew 2016 was going to be pretty busy and very crazy, but I don’t think I was fully prepared for all of the amazing opportunities and experiences that I’ve already had this year.  And that includes school stuff!


So anyway, over the next few days, I will get everything organised, post some shows and links and share some exciting news. For now, here is the link to the first Freak Show for 2016 – all BACK TO SCHOOL tracks for a bit of fun.

Enjoy the show x






Happy New Year!



Ever since I was little, I’ve believed that midnight on New Year’s Eve is the single most important moment of each year. It’s when you say goodbye to the year, give thanks for all the wonderful experiences and forgive and forget the sad times and mistakes. In my opinion, that’s a great way to go – taking all the good things forward and leaving all the not-so-good things behind. It’s an opportunity to reflect, learn and dream about the potential of the year ahead. And I’ve always done that. As the clock strikes midnight, a million thoughts run through my head and it all comes down to the same dream – to be as happy as I possibly can, doing the things I love, surrounded by the people I love.

I guess it’s probably a dorky and pathetically-romantic way to look at it, but seeing in a new year feeling happy, loved and special, has always been important to me – especially as I always seem to have so much shit to leave behind. For me, that single moment can wipe away all the tears, all the pain and all the anger with just that tiny glimmer of potential for a new beginning.

I’ve always loved being surrounded by my family at midnight because over the years, they’re the ones who have never let me down. They’ve never walked away from me or given up on me or hurt me and I know they will be a huge part of the year ahead. Sharing that moment with them each year gives me strength and inspiration to follow my dreams.

But there’s definitely been a few times when that romantic belief has come back and bitten me on the ass. Being the weirdo I am, I’m always convinced that midnight will be perfect, a Cinderella moment when all the hurt goes away and this silly little freak turns into a princess. And I have genuinely wished for that to happen, especially for the past two years. I’ve spent so much time feeling ugly, undeserving, hurt and so frigging hated, that at the most important moment of my year, I’ve allowed myself to believe that maybe, when the clock strikes twelve, I could turn into a princess.


Anyway, I’ve come to a few new conclusions about my New Year’s Eve belief.

The first thing I’ve come to realise is that every single day has the same importance, potential, inspiration and romance as New Year’s Day. Every day can be amazing, a new beginning, a dream come true and a fairytale. I plan on using every day to work towards my dreams and every midnight to learn, leave negative feelings behind, say thank you and dream even more.

The next thing I’ve learnt is that I’m already a princess and I don’t need anyone to help me feel like one. If people choose to treat me in a way that acknowledges that, then great, but the most important thing is how I treat myself. The moment I allow myself to rely on others to make me feel worthy, loved, deserving or beautiful, that’s the moment when I’m not really being me. And that’s just stupid.

Lastly, I’ve realised that the most painful part of last year and my biggest mistake was allowing people to take music away from me. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to perform or create music or dance or be a part of that world and it hurt like hell because that is my world. This year, I’m taking it back.


So that’s my Happy New Year post! Not quite what I originally planned when I started typing but it’s done! I hope you all have an amazing 2016!

Over and out x

A very freaky thank you x


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope 2016 is fantastic and brings you everything you hope and dream!

The year 2015 has been an amazing adventure for me and it really started off with an incredible honour – being awarded Mitchell Shire Council’s Young Citizen of the Year on Australia Day.  This award meant the world to me and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of so many awesome people.

Again, my involvement at OKR FM has continued to provide me with so many opportunities and learning experiences and I’ve cherished every moment.  My 150th Freak Show in September coincided with AFL Finals and I presented an AFL-themed show with some amazing interviews and special guests.  I travelled to Darwin to interview Abbey Holmes and spent some time with Scotty at HOT100 Darwin.

My special guests included Michael Egan, Ray Carroll and Catherine Mogridge and I was very excited by some surprise messages from a few Western Bulldogs players.  Of course, the amazing success of my adored Doggies in 2015 really made that time of year pretty special in 2015.  Thank you to every single person involved!

I was honoured to be invited to speak at some important events during 2015. The Mitchell Shire Council’s International Women’s Day function was a huge inspiration to me and speaking on behalf of young women in our local area was a privilege.  I also loved speaking at the Australian Local Government Women’s Association conference in May.  It was an emotional and proud experience for me, and meeting so many beautiful and successful women from many areas of local government was definitely a life-changing experience.  It was incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by women who have all contributed and achieved simply by sharing their gifts and passions with their communities and working as hard as they can.

As always, music has played a huge part in my life and there were some truly amazing moments.  One of my biggest dreams came true – seeing Fleetwood Mac perform live and being in the same place as Stevie Nicks was one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced.  When she told a story about being young and having the dream to do something great and never giving up, and then looked straight at me and smiled – that was something I’ll never forget.


Continuing with my own music tuition, education and experiences was a priority and a highlight for me in 2015 and I’ve been so lucky to meet some wonderful new people who are helping me and encouraging me with everything music-related on a whole new level.  I can’t wait to continue with my development and education in 2016.


And then there was Real Freaks Think Pink and honestly, words can’t describe how amazing things have been.  I started 2015 wanting to do something important and make a difference, to honour the memory of a beautiful friend.

I could never have anticipated how much support I would receive – from the entire region, Melbourne-based organisations and even interstate. This experience has helped to shape the person I hope to become in the future.  With the help of so many remarkable people and businesses, I was able to raise $10,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  There are so many people to thank for this experience but I really want to acknowledge all of the local businesses and my local community – I will forever appreciate everything everyone did for this amazing cause.


So as you can imagine, I’m hoping to achieve so much more in 2016!  I will definitely be doing more fundraising work for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and over the next 18 months I would like to raise $20,000.  This will also involve being a part of the 2017 Trek for a Cure with the NBCF and it’s a huge dream I hope to achieve.  I will also continue to develop Real Freaks Think Pink and my campaign to deliver Breast Cancer Awareness and Education workshops to all senior secondary students in Australia. If you are able to help in any way, please feel free to contact me.  I would greatly appreciate it!

I would also love to raise the profile of our wonderful station ORK FM in the Mitchell and Macedon Ranges Shires – so if you would like to catch up for a chat, please let me know!  I also hope to be able to contribute as much as possible to my local community in any way I can – especially through the Mitchell Shire Youth Council, the Mitchell Shire Volunteer Advisory Panel, the radio station and through my school community.

I have also recently been able to launch Freak Media and this will definitely be my life from now on, in both a personal and professional capacity, as I build my dreams for the future.  I continue to use the “Freak” reference in everything I do as I really feel that it represents who I am and just how special and awesome it is to be a freak! So I hope you’ll all join me in my adventures in music, radio, photography, journalism, fundraising and all the other crazy things I’ll get up to in 2016.

I would really like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for making 2015 an incredible year and for all your support, encouragement and love.  Everyone at OKR FM, everyone I have met and spent time with, all my wonderful supporters on social media, our local newspaper and council, the local business community who I adore and of course, my amazing family and friends who stand by me and help me with any crazy idea I throw at them – everything I am, is because I have you all by my side.  Thank you so much.

All my love,

Audrey Flannery

The Freak Show




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The Freak Show #158 – A selection of favourites…

I have an insane number of “favourite” songs and I often get the comment that they can’t really be favourites if there’s so many of them, because if something is really a “favourite” it means you prefer them over all others. Well I do prefer lots of songs over others.  For example, I prefer listening to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift over Stay by Rihanna but Shake It Off is NOT one of my favourite songs.  It’s a great song, but it’s not a favourite.  So therefore, I believe I’m allowed to have a huge number of favourite songs and I also believe it would take me about six months worth of shows to get through them all.

This show was definitely made up of songs I consider favourites.

Are you gonna be my girl? – JET

Blackbird – The Beatles

Champagne Supernova – OASIS

Nearly forgot my broken heart – Chris Cornell

I won’t back down – Tom Petty

Girls and Boys – Good Charlotte


Love is Strange – Mickey and Sylvia

Don’t you forget about me – Simple Minds

Cool World – Mondo Rock

Running Bear – Johnny Preston

Paradise City – Guns N Roses

Baby did a bad bad thing – Chris Isaak

Every Morning – Sugar Ray

I want your love – Transvision Vamp


Jolene – The White Stripes

Lump – Presidents of the United States

Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkle

Nobody’s Wife – Anouk

Paradise by the dashboard light – Meatloaf

Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

She’s so lovely – Scouting for girls

Nothing but a good time – Poison

So there you have it!

Now, since we’re on the topic of “favourite” things, I thought I might go all “raindrops-on-roses” on you all and tell you some of my other favourite things just because I can and so you can all get to know me a little bit better.

My favourite band is Guns N Roses.  Simple really.


If I had to choose to listen to a song over every other song in existence, I can painfully narrow it down to three: When will I be loved by The Everly Brothers, November Rain by the Gunners and Creep by Radiohead.

My favourite music genre is Hair Metal and this is where I find my inner peace.

(10) BRET (36 x 36)

My favourite colour is pink.  It reminds me of special people, special things and what I hope to achieve in my lifetime.

My favourite season is Summer.  I love swimming, watersports and being on the mighty Murray.

My favourite movies are Ten things I hate about you, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Nightmare on Elm Street (the original).  Like songs, I have a huge amount of favourite movies. My favourite “kids” movies are Barnyard, the Bee Movie and Monsters Inc.  My favourite horror movies are easily all the Child’s Play films and Showgirls…absolutely frightening.

My favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones, Awkward and Californication.

My favourite musical is The Rocky Horror Show or Victor Victoria, my favourite food is anything Italian, especially pizza, pasta and gelato and my favourite flavour ice-cream is vanilla.


My favourite book is BFG by Roald Dahl, my favourite game is COD: Black Ops 2 or Mario Bros. and my favourite fashion items are Brite Organix hair products, anything I can find at Grandma Funk, piercings, band shirts and mascara.

My favourite school subject is Religion because I find it fascinating and I believe that I’m an extremely spiritual person, my favourite sport to play is soccer because I love putting my head down and knocking people over and my favourite sport to watch is AFL because I’ve been raised as a mad Bulldogs supporter and being a part of the wider Doggies community is just awesome.


My most favourite place in the world I’ve travelled so far is Whitehaven Beach and I can’t imagine anywhere beating it to that title.

My last favourite thing is my Freak Show listeners.  I don’t think there’s too many of you out there but whoever you are, thank you!  Now go and listen to the show, because without you guys, I’m just a silly little freak talking to myself.

Peace out x


The Freak Show #157 – Exam Week and 2015


During my last week of school for the year, I had exams.  I had planned to put time aside, after studying and working, to prepare a fabulous show. Unfortunately that didn’t actually happen and I went into panic mode a little bit the night before the show.  The result was to be lazy and choose a theme that I could put together fairly quickly that all the listeners would still enjoy.

So I went with “2015” and played some of the most successful tracks from this year.  I tried to cover most styles and even though I don’t make it a priority to listen to a lot of current mainstream music, I really enjoyed putting the show together and there’s quite a few songs on there that I really do love!

Renegades by X Ambassadors was an absolute revelation. I have liked the song since the first time I heard it, but after looking into it for more information, I really did fall in love.  The music video is brilliant and tells the story of several people with disabilities being amazing and working hard to overcome anything life throws at them.  This message was really special and personal for X Ambassadors as their band member Casey Harris has been blind since birth.  I found it to be so beautiful, emotional and inspirational and it reminded me of some really special people who have definitely inspired me.

It was a bit of a coincidence that I bumped into one of those people recently, around the same time as school exams.  Ahmed Kelly is without doubt, a huge inspiration to me.  His achievements have been incredible, despite many challenges.  More the point, when you know Ahmed, you find that those challenges don’t even factor into things – he just lives his life, doing what he loves and making the most of every single moment.  And he always seems to give me a bit of a hard time about what I’m doing with my life.  The first thing he always asks about is school and wants to know if I’m working hard enough and doing well.  Well Ahmed, if you’re reading this, you’ll be pleased to know that I did very well in all my exams and at speech night and you’d be very happy with me!

The next thing he always talks to me about is my involvement with community radio.  He’s always been really supportive and encouraging, telling me to keep at it and keep following my dreams no matter what.  After a catch up with Ahmed, even just for a few minutes, I always walk away feeling like I can take on the world.  I think we can all get so hung up on our limitations and feelings of not being good enough or capable of doing something, especially when we get rejected or knocked back or we don’t do well at something we really, really want or we miss an opportunity.  I feel that way sometimes about music.

My school principal recently introduced me to a brilliant concept and it kind of put a title to the way in which I see the world and how I try to overcome those feelings of inadequacy or limitation.  And it works for me.  When I don’t succeed at something, it doesn’t have to end there – it’s all just a matter of timing.  It’s not a “no”, it’s a “not yet” and if I keep at it and work harder and harder every single day, that “not yet” will turn into a “yes” or “I did it”.  That’s exactly how I’m approaching my music education and development from now on, and everything else for that matter!

So there you have it.  It’s quite extraordinary how planning a show and listening to one song can make you interpret your feelings, think about some pretty amazing things and stir up so many thoughts and emotions.  It’s a pretty wonderful thing.

Anyway, enough from me.  Please have a listen and enjoy x


The Freak Show #156 – Randomness is Awesomeness

I’m desperately trying to catch up with posting my last few shows!  It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks so I haven’t had the opportunity to just sit down and get it all done!  Until now…

For this particular show, I sat down with the ipad and just started scrolling through my music.  I decided I was going to look for any songs I didn’t think I had played on The Freak Show before.

I actually think I did quite well – I mean, where else are you going to hear Elton John, Suzi Quatro, Taylor Swift, Public Enemy, Buzzcocks, Poison, Fishbone and many others, all in the same show?

I think you should click on this fabulous little link and have a listen for yourself!


The Freak Show #155 – Trombone Appreciation!



So this show was basically designed to show everyone how much and why I love the trombone.  You can listen to the show to hear all about it.  I’ve included the link below so all you need to do is click on it and have a listen.  But I also wanted to tell you about the more personal side of it all.


I love the trombone.  Not many people do and honestly, that’s a big part of why I find it so appealing.  At the start of high school, we were randomly allocated an instrument for band class.  I got given a trombone.  My first thought was “what the hell am I going to do with this thing?” but as time went on and I started learning all about it, I realised that this instrument was made for me.

Nobody wanted the trombone.  It was a curse to be avoided at all costs.  And initially, I felt that way too. I went home and bitched to my mum about being allocated the trombone and I was annoyed that I was going to have to lug this huge, heavy thing to and from school. Its funny how that’s become another big reason why I love it as much as I do.


I’m not particularly good at playing the trombone.  But when I do, I get lost.  I feel almost invisible and I really like that feeling where music is concerned.  That instrument is nearly as big as me so that means I can hide behind it.  It literally blocks my whole head and most of my upper body and all I’m there for, is to breathe life into it.  I’m not a person when I’m holding my trombone, I’m merely a life source for a far greater and more impressive object than my human form.  That’s not meant to sound angsty – it’s actually an amazing feeling.

It’s also so very loud.  That means I can’t really think.  It drowns out my thoughts and whatever else my brain tries to do and that’s also a good thing because there’s no distractions – just music. And seriously, another upside is definitely all the “boner” references.  Who doesn’t love a good “boner” joke?


I’ve made myself a pretty huge list of resolutions and goals for 2016 and one of them is to spend more time practising and trying to improve my trombone skills because it really is something that brings me happiness and satisfaction.  Let’s see how that goes!

So there you have it! Go and listen to the show x










The Freak Show #154 – Happy Songs

So for my most recent show, I simply chose a list of “happy” songs.  They are all songs that make me smile or laugh or feel all warm and fuzzy.  One of the songs you’ll hear is the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Thinking back as far as I can remember, The Rocky Horror Picture Show always seemed to be on our television.  It’s mum’s favourite movie and she introduced me to the film when I was really little.  Of course at the time, I had no idea what the movie was really about.  There was just lots of singing and dancing and cool costumes and weird stuff, so from the very beginning, I became addicted.  I began watching it more often and as I got a little older, I slowly started to realise that this movie wasn’t just about a whole heap of nerdy-looking people dressing up and dancing and having a good time.  And that’s when I really started to appreciate everything about this incredible movie released 40 years ago.


So let’s go back for a little bit of history…

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 musical comedy horror film directed by Jim Sharman. The screenplay was written by Sharman and Richard O’Brien based on the 1973 musical stage production, The Rocky Horror Show, music, book and lyrics by O’Brien. The show is a satirical tribute to science fiction/horror movies of the 1930s through early 1970’s, most obviously those created by Hammer Film Productions – a company who specialised in creating awesome horror movies during these decades.  A number of props and set pieces were used from the Hammer horror films in the production of the RHPS, which just makes it all even more awesome!

Anyway, the story is about a young couple, newly engaged and quite innocent and conservative, and what happens after their car breaks down in the rain in the middle of nowhere.  They have to visit a nearby castle to ask for help and everything that happens from that point on is just insane and fabulous and wicked and ridiculous and everything else you can think of.  It involves a mad alien transvestite scientist, a Frankenstein-ish perfect man-toy creation, out-of-control servants, a murdered ex-lover, a very informative criminologist, the mass loss of virtue, lots of corsetry and of course – a massive amount of brilliant music and dancing and seriously, it’s a 100-minute explosion of pure awesomeness!

Ok. So at the time of the film’s release, it wasn’t considered to be anything special and it actually received some pretty ordinary reviews – however soon after, the film was given the midnight run in theatres and that’s when it’s popularity grew.  It developed an enormous cult following and this still exists today – 40 years on.  The film is famous for its audience participation with people attending in costume, re-enacting the scenes, throwing things up in the air and calling out responses to the characters throughout the movie.  Four decades after its release, the RHPS has the longest-running theatrical release in film history.

Now I’m not going to talk anymore about what happens in the movie because dammit – you should already know and if you don’t, you should sort that out pretty quick.  What I am going to do is tell you a couple of reasons why I love it so much.


As I said, I’ve known this movie as long as I can remember.  I know every line, every lyric and every moment like the back of my hand.  And in all honesty, this movie has some pretty awesome childhood memories attached to it.  I love the fact that whenever mum watches it, she sings and carries on at the top of her lungs.  It’s so bad but so completely cool at the same time.  She loves when all of us kids sing along with her and she gets this absolute look of pride and satisfaction when we sing or quote lines from the movie out of nowhere.

I remember one night in particular.  My dad had taken a few of my siblings up to the river for the night and it was only me, mum and my youngest sister left at home.  I think Mabel was about five years old and mum and I had planned to watch the RHPS after she went to bed.  She just wouldn’t go to sleep so mum decided that it was time for her to see the movie for the first time.  She stayed awake for the entire movie and was so fascinated and into it, sitting bolt-upright and constantly asking us questions like “is that a boy or a girl?” and “why are the boys wearing girl’s undies?”  Of course, she was already well and truly familiar with the music, so it was just a matter of her learning that there was a story and characters attached to that music.  She still has no idea what the movie is really about, but she loves watching it as often as possible – just like I did at that age.  It’s pretty cute.

Another reason I love this movie is because it’s brilliant.  Not brilliant because I love it – brilliant because it’s clever, funny, bizarre and just managed to create this amazing cultural phenomenon that could live forever.  I believe film to be a little bit different to music in that respect.  If you don’t get to see a musician or band perform live before they retire or die, you’ve missed out on that experience altogether.  You can watch live footage and listen to the songs and still love every minute of it, but you can’t see them in their essence, doing what they did best.  Movies like the RHPS don’t have this problem.  You can still see it at a theatre and I’m going to make the call right now that I don’t think that will ever change.  I believe there will always be a theatre somewhere in the world that will screen the Rocky Horror Picture Show until the end of time!

For me, I also love the sense of community this movie creates.  It’s a little bit like the Comic Con thing.  You know you can dress up and geek out over all sorts of insanely cool stuff and nobody is there to judge you – in fact, they’re there for the exact same reason.  It’s the same with the RHPS.  Everyone is there for the same experience and to appreciate the same things.  Upon it’s release, this movie appealed to the outcasts, the nerds, the film and music enthusiasts and the weirdos and it still does, although it has become a little more mainstream.  You know you’re a genuine RHPS freak when you dress up as Columbia whenever you can and you sit there watching and studying the movie, learning all the spots to call out inappropriate comments, just so when the day finally comes when you’re able to attend the real thing – you’re ready.  It’s a serious thing.

So The Rocky Horror Picture Show makes me happy.  It always has and it always will.  That’s why the Time Warp featured on this show.

Go and have a listen x

The Freak Show #153 – 15th October 2015 – Teen Angst

Ok, so this post is a little bit overdue but I’m still getting used to the idea of writing ABOUT my shows – instead of simply writing them to present on air.  And this piece has probably been the trickiest thing I’ve ever attempted to write.  Instead of trying to answer everything myself, I’ve asked a lot of questions.  Firstly, to try and explain what I’m thinking and also, to encourage your own thoughts on it all.

A couple of weeks ago, I presented a “teen angst” show and it was a really silly thing that prompted it.  I made a comment to a friend, who is my age, about only listening to Nirvana because it was the done thing for angsty teens and it really got me thinking.


Smells Like Teen Spirit, released by Nirvana in 1991, is absolutely considered one of the greatest “teen angst” anthems of all time.  Many statements have been thrown around: “an anthem for the apathetic kids of Generation X”, “an anthem for (or is it against?) the ‘Why Ask Why?’ generation” and a “teen revolution anthem”.

On researching the song, the lyrics and reading hundreds of different interpretations and articles, I can’t help but to question how my generation still identifies with this song over 20 years later.  I’m not one to judge anyone’s reasons for listening to a certain style, artist or song but I do have this curiosity about what other young people enjoy about Nirvana and I thought I’d write about my own observations.  And as I do so, I seriously don’t mean to offend anyone or change anyone’s personal opinion – they’re just my own observations.

Nobody can argue the fact that Nirvana were “game-changers”.  They were extremely successful and influential in ways that could never have been predicted.  They gave a face to the Seattle grunge movement, which had been largely underground and unrecognised in the mainstream music industry, and this enabled other acts to emerge and other styles to gain recognition.  Nirvana were huge and Kurt Cobain become an unofficial spokesperson for an entire generation.  And that’s putting it all very simply.

But my generation, we weren’t even around then.  The cultural, social and emotional effects of Nirvana will never be felt directly by any of us.  We didn’t see them perform, we didn’t hang for every new song or album to be released and we didn’t know life any differently to what we know now.  So out of hundreds of artists and songs throughout music history – why Nirvana and why Smells Like Teen Spirit?

A common answer I’ve found is that young people feel they get the lyrics, and I understand that because it’s a huge reason I like many songs.  But in my opinion, a lot of the lyrics made no sense. They were all over the place and showed no recognisable sentiment for anything in particular.  There was little consistency, little fluency and at times, they literally meant nothing at all – and this was confirmed by Kurt Cobain himself.  He was constantly frustrated by the fact that fans and music commentators would try to dissect and interpret his lyrics, when he had literally written them in five minutes or he just thought they sounded good and worked.  This has even been talked about by band member Dave Grohl, who witnessed Cobain literally throwing words together in minutes.

And when the lyrics did mean something to Cobain, they drew on some pretty dark themes and interesting concepts and I know that young people experience some crap times and some ordinary life circumstances, but the thing is Kurt Cobain hated his life and he became a drug addict and he killed himself.  He hated the fame, he hated the attention and he hated the fact that the public constantly studied his every move and every word he spoke, believing they knew how he was feeling and what he was going through, when for the most part – he tried hard to disguise all of that stuff.


So it just confuses me a little bit that young people today seem to think of Kurt Cobain as some sort of hero or God.  Is he worshipped because young people truly appreciate the impact Cobain and Nirvana had on music?  Is he worshipped because he was a dark soul with obvious demons he struggled with?  Is he worshipped because he died?  And if Kurt was still alive today, would people still worship him?

Consider this:

In a June 2014 interview, singer Lana Del Ray expressed admiration for several artists who died young, including Kurt Cobain, and added, “I wish I was dead already… I do. I don’t want to have to keep doing this“.

Frances Cobain (daughter of Kurt Cobain) responded on her Twitter account: “I’ll never know my father because he died young and it becomes a desirable feat because people like you think it’s ‘cool’… Well, it’s fucking not. Embrace life, because you only get one life. The people you mentioned wasted that life. Don’t be one of those people“.

Del Rey subsequently stated that her words were taken out of context.

Another other interesting thing relevant to young people today is that when you listen to Nirvana, most of the time, you can’t actually understand the lyrics, which means you need to look them up on google to really know what Cobain was saying.  And when you do look them up, most of the time you find that they aren’t really straight-forward at all, so you try to interpret what they mean.  And when you can’t interpret what they mean, you read other people’s interpretations and you choose to go with what you like and what best represents your own personal needs and the cycle begins all over again.

There’s nothing wrong with finding your own place within a song and the lyrics meaning something to you personally – I do it all the time! But if you’ve been grasping at the fact that you can identify with Kurt Cobain and the ups and downs of his life or of being a teenager because of a song he wrote – you might need to think again because that was a huge factor contributing to Kurt’s displeasure and dissatisfaction in performing and fame.  He never wanted to be the spokesperson the fans forced him to be.  He just wanted to make his music.

Ok, so I’ve actually stopped myself here and I’ve deleted a lot of writing because as I said to a friend of mine – I don’t want to sound douchey.  I definitely don’t want it to sound like I’m not a Nirvana fan because I am.  I have an enormous appreciation for what they achieved and for the role they played in music history and for everything that took place from that point on.  I enjoy listening to Nirvana.

So I’m going to finish up with one more question:  What do you think today’s equivalent to Smells Like Teen Spirit is?

I have my moments of being an angsty teen, so have a listen to the songs I chose to prove my point.

Audrey x

The Freak Show #152 – 8th October 2015 – Hair Metal

I’ve been raised listening to A LOT of hair metal. As a result, I can honestly say that it’s my favourite style and era of music in every way.

Hair metal artists showed different degrees of theatrics with their hair, make up and costuming, yet they could still rock like you wouldn’t believe.  The visual style of it all is very cool to me.  I love the long, big, teased hair, the headbands and hats, the tight jeans and leather pants, the big black boots and I even like the make-up.  I love the fact that these grown men were perfectly happy to get into their all their gear, which definitely pushed society’s idea of what a male rocker should look like, and get up on stage and go berserk and scream and sing and even just sit there with their guitars and sing some of the most beautiful love songs of all time.  It’s awesome.

Now I love the style of it all but even more than that – I love the song writing.  There’s a really wide variety of stories told in hair metal music.  There was a pretty heavy drinking theme going on back then, it was the whole rock star/groupie theme where you play music all night, get drunk and then have girls throwing themselves at you.  There was a lot of that and sometimes, even doing all three at the same time! But they could also belt out an unbelievable love song – something that could really reach in and take over your emotions and make you cry.  Rockers had feelings and these guys weren’t afraid to show it!

Another one of my favourite things about hair metal is the amazing talent of some of the guitarists! We’re not just talking about guys who could play, we’re talking about some of the best guitarists of all time and also some of the best guitar tracks and solos of all time. Eddie Van Halen, Slash, CC DeVille, Mick Mars, Vito Bratta, Ace Frehley and Ritchie Sambora are all well known guitarists from the hair metal movement and they’re all absolute freaks.

My two favourite hair metal bands are Guns N Roses and Poison.

I’ve loved Poison from a very early age.  Of course, I love all of the things that I’ve already mentioned – their style, appearance, performance quality, songwriting – but I also love the definite influence of blues and southern rock – giving the band and their music a bit more of a fun and approachable tone compared to others.  This was definitely helped by Bret Michaels having a real cowboyish twang happening and I have to admit, it just completely sucks me in. I watch Poison music videos and concert footage and it really annoys me that I wasn’t around to enjoy hair metal as it happened or to meet Bret Michaels when he was younger.

The disturbing reality here, is that Bret Michaels is now 52 years old.  Disturbing because I think I could be in love with him.  It’s like that scene out of the Wedding Singer where Linda and Robbie are discussing why she ditched him at the alter.  “I think I’ve figured out what’s been bothering me. I’m not in love with Robbie, now. I’m in love with Robbie, six years ago. Robbie, the lead singer of Final Warning; I used to come watch you when you were in your silk shirt and Spandex pants, and you would sing into the microphone like you were David Lee Roth”.

Well I’m not in love with Bret Michaels now, I’m in love with Bret Michaels, twenty seven years ago.  I need to get some kind of magic letterbox, all Lakehouse-style, so I can have the romance I feel I’ve missed out on!


Anyway, now I’ve grossed you all out and regardless of my little crush, it’s a huge dream of mine to meet Bret Michaels and I’d love to interview him.  I have a huge appreciation for Poison and the impact they had at the time and more the point, the impact their music has had on me and I hope he’d be impressed by the fact there are some fans (aka stalkers) out there from the younger generations.

Guns N Roses is my all-time favourite band in general.  I could go on all day about the Gunners but I’ve decided to save that for another time.

I’ve rambled enough.  Go and listen to the show!