about me…

The “FREAK” theme is something I’ve been using for years.  I started in community broadcasting in 2012 and have been presenting The Freak Show on a weekly basis.  It’s been a pretty phenomenal adventure so far and has allowed me some incredible opportunities. The Freak Show was the start of it all and because of the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the way I’ve grown personally – everything has really fallen into place.

I love my involvement with community broadcasting and with OKR FM so if you want to learn more about The Freak Show – keep reading and go check out the facebook page.  With some pretty exciting plans and changes happening, I’d love to know what you think!

On a quick personal note, here’s the backstory:

I love reading, dancing, watersports, warm weather, music, pop culture, cooking and all things geeky.  I love gaming, cosplay, all types of movies and superheroes.  I play soccer for school and play the trombone.

I’m passionate about volunteer work and about young people learning through becoming involved in volunteer organisations in the community.  I have worked closely with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and this is an organisation very close to my heart.

I love spending time with my family including siblings and grandparents.  Other than my actual home, I feel most at home in Echuca/Moama, in the middle of Melbourne, the Whitsundays or the radio station.

Most importantly, I will proudly confess to anyone that I am a music freak.  I always turn to music.  I listen to all kinds of music, I research music, I dance to all styles of music, I’m learning to play the trombone and I try to sing.  I pretty much exist in music terms.  Every experience, every person I meet and every emotion I feel always has a song or an artist attached.  I communicate in song lyrics.  I relate to artists.  I react in music genres.  Everything I do is influenced by music – my expectations, my dreams, what I do in my spare time and even my dress sense and appearance.

I’ve always considered music to be the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.  Therefore, you’ll find that music is a central theme with everything I do.  And that’s pretty much me.

You can contact me at:

Email: thefreakshow2000@gmail.com OR info@okrfm.com.au

Or by visiting the Facebook page – The Freak Show

Audrey x


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