The Freak Show #162 – 80’s Love Songs feat. Damo

In the world of social media, random things happen. Most of the time, they include weirdos trying to get your phone number or trying to convince you to buy something. But every now and then, you find someone who was meant to change your life. I realise that sounds corny, but in this case it’s true.


Social media gives a great insight into different people, places and interests and can bring things into your life that seem out of reach. And that’s how I came to know Damo. I found this human who posted photos of one of the most impressive record collections I have ever seen. Not to mention the fact that he posted shots from live rock gigs, set lists, links to his fabulous podcast and interviews and basically just a whole lot of cool, pop-culture and music-related stuff. Damo recognised me from Comic Con and had realised just how much I love music and all sorts of other geeky, cool things. And we hit it off.

Since then, Damo has really helped me with learning about music and musicians, he has suggested some great live gigs to attend and more the point, he has really helped with my music education and development as a broadcaster and offered guidance as I try to crack the world of music journalism. He’s had decades of experience in the industry. Damo performs in a band called Muscle Car, who have a cult following and supported Motley Crue and Alicie Cooper at Rod Lave Arena in 2015 – just weeks before our friendship took off. It will forever make me cry that Damo could’ve given me tickets to the show to see all three acts perform if we had known each other just a couple of weeks earlier. That’s complete shit timing!

Damo also writes for various magazines and websites and produces the Long Gone Loser Rock Show, which is an awesome and very entertaining weekly show, covering all sorts of great music and interesting things. So far, he is easily the biggest music freak I have ever met and he has some amazing experiences and stories from his years involved in the music industry.

Most importantly, Damo is just a really good person. He has happily shared his world with me and has allowed me the chance to get to know a world of music that I could’ve missed out on all together. So of course, I was thrilled when Damo agreed to come up and help me out with the Freak Show. I usually present the show alone and I’ve really been wanting to get some experience and have some fun co-presenting and just cut loose with all sorts of awesome randomness. And that’s exactly what we did.


The only thing we had planned prior to the show was that I wanted to play 80’s love songs and the rest just fell into place. Damo brought a collection of records with him and I finally learnt how to use the turntable live-to-air at the studio!

We had a great time – laughing, being random and listening to some fantastic 80’s love songs and it’s about time I shared that with all of you too!

And while you’re at it, check out the Long Gone Loser Rock Show and Muscle Car on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be very impressed!

Follow this little link and have a listen to all the shenanigans!

Cheers x




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