The Freak Show #161 – Hair Metal Love Songs

After presenting love songs on both Memory Lane and the Freak Show for Valentine’s Day, it kind of got me thinking about love songs across all the ages and different styles of music. I also started paying much more attention to lyrics and interpretations of love in all kinds of songs.

So over a couple of weeks, and you really need to understand just how much music I can listen to in a couple of weeks – I mean we’re talking hundreds of songs and then I’ll check out the lyrics and look into the background of the band and the inspiration for the song and it’s just a long and wonderful youtube/google/itunes process. Over a couple of weeks, I listened to a huge amount of love songs from all ages and styles and it was awesome to enjoy the different interpretations and representations of love, emotions, dating and mating and even though the format and sounds changed, the stories were similar and that’s what I enjoyed the most.

I decided that I would spend a couple of months learning about love songs and I’d present a different style or era each week. And of course, I had to start that ball rolling with my favourite music style of all time – HAIR METAL/GLAM ROCK!

Now I could go on for days about why I love Hair Metal and why I’m addicted to the love songs in this genre – but I’m not going to do that.  I’m just going to say a few words that sum up everything…

Bret Michaels.


November Rain. Guitar solos.


Gorgeousness. And long hair.


Bad boys who want to be loved (let’s forget about the other stuff, it was 30 years ago).


Boys wearing make-up, singing love songs. I’m gone.


Enough said. So now, all you have to do is go and click on that crazy little hair metal link, sit back and enjoy the love x


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