The Freak Show #160 – Valentines Day – R&B Love Songs

Every year around Valentines Day, I plan a very loved-up Freak Show.  This isn’t because I love Valentines Day, it’s more because I believe it’s a great reminder for everyone to show love all year round, instead of just one day a year.

Usually I play all the classic love songs but this year I decided to go with a R&B theme because it sort of suited my mood at the time.

R&B is a very sexy style of music. Cool sounds, smooth lyrics and vocals, and music that echoes your heartbeat – yes, it works very well. And I’m a bit of a sucker for a shirtless Jason Derulo or Usher – I love their voices, their gorgeous smiles, their abs, the way they dance and man, they can really get hearts racing. So therefore, R&B was the plan for my Valentines Day Freak Show.


I haven’t had a real Valentine yet but I did have flowers delivered to me on the universal day of love this year. There was a card attached which said “Keep smiling beautiful” and that was it. I still have no idea who they were from. I felt like a bit of a knob asking a few people if they sent them and I’m not quite sure if I genuinely believed it was a possibility or maybe a little bit of wishful thinking. Regardless of any of that, it was really sweet to have a secret Valentine. It definitely made me smile and brightened up my day.

So there you have it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show much more than you probably enjoyed my dorky little Valentines story, so please visit my soundcloud page and have a little listen…

Lots of love,

Audrey x




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