The Freak Show #158 – A selection of favourites…

I have an insane number of “favourite” songs and I often get the comment that they can’t really be favourites if there’s so many of them, because if something is really a “favourite” it means you prefer them over all others. Well I do prefer lots of songs over others.  For example, I prefer listening to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift over Stay by Rihanna but Shake It Off is NOT one of my favourite songs.  It’s a great song, but it’s not a favourite.  So therefore, I believe I’m allowed to have a huge number of favourite songs and I also believe it would take me about six months worth of shows to get through them all.

This show was definitely made up of songs I consider favourites.

Are you gonna be my girl? – JET

Blackbird – The Beatles

Champagne Supernova – OASIS

Nearly forgot my broken heart – Chris Cornell

I won’t back down – Tom Petty

Girls and Boys – Good Charlotte


Love is Strange – Mickey and Sylvia

Don’t you forget about me – Simple Minds

Cool World – Mondo Rock

Running Bear – Johnny Preston

Paradise City – Guns N Roses

Baby did a bad bad thing – Chris Isaak

Every Morning – Sugar Ray

I want your love – Transvision Vamp


Jolene – The White Stripes

Lump – Presidents of the United States

Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkle

Nobody’s Wife – Anouk

Paradise by the dashboard light – Meatloaf

Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

She’s so lovely – Scouting for girls

Nothing but a good time – Poison

So there you have it!

Now, since we’re on the topic of “favourite” things, I thought I might go all “raindrops-on-roses” on you all and tell you some of my other favourite things just because I can and so you can all get to know me a little bit better.

My favourite band is Guns N Roses.  Simple really.


If I had to choose to listen to a song over every other song in existence, I can painfully narrow it down to three: When will I be loved by The Everly Brothers, November Rain by the Gunners and Creep by Radiohead.

My favourite music genre is Hair Metal and this is where I find my inner peace.

(10) BRET (36 x 36)

My favourite colour is pink.  It reminds me of special people, special things and what I hope to achieve in my lifetime.

My favourite season is Summer.  I love swimming, watersports and being on the mighty Murray.

My favourite movies are Ten things I hate about you, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Nightmare on Elm Street (the original).  Like songs, I have a huge amount of favourite movies. My favourite “kids” movies are Barnyard, the Bee Movie and Monsters Inc.  My favourite horror movies are easily all the Child’s Play films and Showgirls…absolutely frightening.

My favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones, Awkward and Californication.

My favourite musical is The Rocky Horror Show or Victor Victoria, my favourite food is anything Italian, especially pizza, pasta and gelato and my favourite flavour ice-cream is vanilla.


My favourite book is BFG by Roald Dahl, my favourite game is COD: Black Ops 2 or Mario Bros. and my favourite fashion items are Brite Organix hair products, anything I can find at Grandma Funk, piercings, band shirts and mascara.

My favourite school subject is Religion because I find it fascinating and I believe that I’m an extremely spiritual person, my favourite sport to play is soccer because I love putting my head down and knocking people over and my favourite sport to watch is AFL because I’ve been raised as a mad Bulldogs supporter and being a part of the wider Doggies community is just awesome.


My most favourite place in the world I’ve travelled so far is Whitehaven Beach and I can’t imagine anywhere beating it to that title.

My last favourite thing is my Freak Show listeners.  I don’t think there’s too many of you out there but whoever you are, thank you!  Now go and listen to the show, because without you guys, I’m just a silly little freak talking to myself.

Peace out x



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