The Freak Show #157 – Exam Week and 2015


During my last week of school for the year, I had exams.  I had planned to put time aside, after studying and working, to prepare a fabulous show. Unfortunately that didn’t actually happen and I went into panic mode a little bit the night before the show.  The result was to be lazy and choose a theme that I could put together fairly quickly that all the listeners would still enjoy.

So I went with “2015” and played some of the most successful tracks from this year.  I tried to cover most styles and even though I don’t make it a priority to listen to a lot of current mainstream music, I really enjoyed putting the show together and there’s quite a few songs on there that I really do love!

Renegades by X Ambassadors was an absolute revelation. I have liked the song since the first time I heard it, but after looking into it for more information, I really did fall in love.  The music video is brilliant and tells the story of several people with disabilities being amazing and working hard to overcome anything life throws at them.  This message was really special and personal for X Ambassadors as their band member Casey Harris has been blind since birth.  I found it to be so beautiful, emotional and inspirational and it reminded me of some really special people who have definitely inspired me.

It was a bit of a coincidence that I bumped into one of those people recently, around the same time as school exams.  Ahmed Kelly is without doubt, a huge inspiration to me.  His achievements have been incredible, despite many challenges.  More the point, when you know Ahmed, you find that those challenges don’t even factor into things – he just lives his life, doing what he loves and making the most of every single moment.  And he always seems to give me a bit of a hard time about what I’m doing with my life.  The first thing he always asks about is school and wants to know if I’m working hard enough and doing well.  Well Ahmed, if you’re reading this, you’ll be pleased to know that I did very well in all my exams and at speech night and you’d be very happy with me!

The next thing he always talks to me about is my involvement with community radio.  He’s always been really supportive and encouraging, telling me to keep at it and keep following my dreams no matter what.  After a catch up with Ahmed, even just for a few minutes, I always walk away feeling like I can take on the world.  I think we can all get so hung up on our limitations and feelings of not being good enough or capable of doing something, especially when we get rejected or knocked back or we don’t do well at something we really, really want or we miss an opportunity.  I feel that way sometimes about music.

My school principal recently introduced me to a brilliant concept and it kind of put a title to the way in which I see the world and how I try to overcome those feelings of inadequacy or limitation.  And it works for me.  When I don’t succeed at something, it doesn’t have to end there – it’s all just a matter of timing.  It’s not a “no”, it’s a “not yet” and if I keep at it and work harder and harder every single day, that “not yet” will turn into a “yes” or “I did it”.  That’s exactly how I’m approaching my music education and development from now on, and everything else for that matter!

So there you have it.  It’s quite extraordinary how planning a show and listening to one song can make you interpret your feelings, think about some pretty amazing things and stir up so many thoughts and emotions.  It’s a pretty wonderful thing.

Anyway, enough from me.  Please have a listen and enjoy x



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